A New Adventure Begins

Well, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Ava is now back on the road following several weeks in intensive care under the gentle hands of the lads at Goschen Street Garage, led by proprietor Kevin Brock. Having passed her MoT test she’s now taxed, insured and not quite ready to go. Which leads me to the bad news, that Ava’s tyres are cracked and really need replacing before committing to long journeys. It’s just not worth risking a blow-out. Also, she has a leak in the living area water system and the electrical system needs attention. So the next steps are to replace the tyres and have a habitation check done.

So instead of travelling in Ava, yours truly is currently en route for France in my trusty Renault Megane estate. I’m booked on the noon ferry from Dover to Dunkirk this coming Sunday. Between now and then I’m attending a Marfan Association Information Day at St Georges’s Hospital in London. Marfan’s Syndrome is a genetic defect affecting the body’s connective tissue, and as a result of having this I had open-heart surgery to replace the aortic valve and ascending aorta (an “aortic root repair”) in October 1987.

Last year No. 2 Son Andrew and I went to Monte Carlo on the “Monte Carlo or Bust Banger Rally 2013”, and you can read all about our adventure on my other blog. That one isn’t updated any more, but serves as a record of the trip and to highlight Marfan’s Syndrome and Meniere’s Disease which were the two charities for which we were fund-raising.

We covered 2,500 miles in 7 days, from sea level to 8,000ft and through 5 countries. That was some going, so this time I’m taking things much more leisurely and am looking forward to exploring France rather than zipping along the autoroutes at high speed.

It’s my intention to blog about the journey on a daily basis, but that’s subject to available wi-fi. The restaurant where I’m currently enjoying my evening meal (baked vanilla cheesecake to come) is one such place.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey, and you can always leave a comment if you’re so inclined.

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  1. [Wobblyo] says:

    Look forward to reading about your trip. Have a safe one!

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