Alea iacta est …

… as Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon at the head of his army, Legion XIII Gemina – “the die is cast”.

Yes, I’ve been and gone and done it. The wheels are now in motion for me to collect an Autohomes Avalon from Bay View Motors, a dealer which is 150 miles away in Morecambe. Isn’t the Web wonderful? You can see the sales details, if you like.

This is no ordinary motorhome. Not only does it have power steering (which I need) and a diesel engine but, unique in my experience, it has four-wheel drive – a useful feature which will help keep me going in the snow and the mud. There is also an anti-lock braking system for further safety, and driver refinements like electrically operated windows.

A big hat-tip to Martin who brought the price within touching distance (though it’s broken the bank – and then some!) and also to Paul, a local mechanic who kindly gave it the once-over and passed the vehicle as sound. So now it will be MoT tested and taxed, then made ready for collection on 2nd January in the New Year (DV). It will be an adventure going by train to collect it, followed by a visit to Morecambe’s famous Central Pier Book Shop then the shakedown and working-up cruise home via Darlington to see No. 2 Son and family.

The watching and waiting are over; the adventures are about to begin.

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