All quiet (on all fronts)

Nothing much to report, I’m afraid. Ava the Avalon is having what can only be described as teething troubles. Having taken delivery in early January the weather closed in and we have had a real north-east winter with snow, gales, unrelenting rain and anything else you care to mention. What we haven’t had is sunshine, and I’m waiting for a fine day so I can take Ava down to South Beach for the publicity shots. I hope to get these on the blog as soon as possible. It really has not been the weather to be working outside. Add to that the fact that when I get home from work it’s already been dark for a couple of hours and I hope you’ll understand why things have been quiet.

A few weeks ago I took Ava round the corner to Stephen and the boys at the local Hi-Q franchise for a post-delivery check. They are a fine team which has been looking after my cars since I came to Blyth in 2005 and can be totally relied upon to give an accurate diagnosis and do a good job. They discovered that the brake cylinders in the rear wheels needed replacement, and changed the coolant and brake fluid whilst they were at it. Apart from a universal joint in the transmission which will need attention sometime in the future, Ava was pronounced fit for duty.

She had other ideas, and last week I decided to give her a run to my work in Ashington, the next town up the track. She flatly refused to start, so yesterday one of the Hi-Q boys came around, got her total co-operation and drove her back to base for a severe talking-to. The upshot was she had a new battery fitted and I retrieved her this afternoon.

Thinking it was about time to stock her up with some food I drove up to the Lidl supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces. Back in Ava I decided to adjust the door mirrors, which weren’t quite right for me. This necessitated lowering the window and poking the mirror glass until it was aligned correctly. The driver’s side was all done and dusted, and so I thought was the passenger’s side – until it came to winding the window back up. The window stopped three-quarters of the way up. Not to be defeated by a mere mechanical linkage I wound it down and back up again several times with the same result. So in the end I was defeated by a mere mechanical linkage. Back to Hi-Q she went and there she is at the moment. All being well, I’ll collect her tomorrow (forecast: “Colder with clouds and sun, 39°F”) and see if I can get some piccies.

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  1. JP says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Any news or updates? Keep looking here and TalbotOC but nothing for a while – hope all is well.

    Cheers, John P.

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