Blyth to Rugby

Friday, 2nd January 2015

After packing the car with all things necessary for a continental tour (or so I thought), including the all-important bag containing the electronic gubbins and associated cables, I set off on the adventure. First stop was to pick up some snacks (of the chocolatey variety) and fill up with diesel at the local ASDA, and it was whilst pondering this and that whilst holding the fuel hose that I realised I’d forgotten something important. Don’t ask me what it was because I’ve forgotten. This required a return to home base to recover it (whatever it was) and then I was finally in a position to set off. I believe these are called “senior moments”, and I can well do without them.

The road to Rugby begins with the A193 and on to the A189 “Spine Road”. Down the A189 I joined the A19 and turned left for the Tyne Tunnel. Safely through it was a long haul, still on the A19, to Thirsk and the A168. A few miles later I joined the A1(M) southbound looking forward to a break at Wetherby services, which is roughly half-way to Rugby. The weather, which up to now had been fine, started to close in and there was intermittent rain.

After the break it was back to the motorway, the A1(M) becoming the plain A1 and back again, until reaching the M18. Turning right along here soon brought me to the M1 and its miles and miles and MILES of roadworks with a 50mph limit. Driving on the continent is SO much better.

Finally, well past I’ve-had-enough time, it was a branch right onto the A426 and so to the Travelodge at Rugby. By now it was dark and raining, so after setting up in the hotel room I went off to the local Brewer’s Fayre for the evening meal. No link to Brewer’s Fayre as it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all and therefore not recommended. Next time I’ll be dining elsewhere.

Then it was back to the Travelodge and an overnight stay.

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