Here she is!

There was an opportunity, at last, to take some pictures of Ava so we trundled down to Blyth Quayside for the photo-session. The results are in one of the galleries. Here’s a selection:

The picture below shows the prop shaft running to the rear differential. This raises the rear end considerably which means a) I need a step to enter by the rear doors, and b) I need some levelling wedges to lift the front wheels on site. The orange blob visible through the windscreen, by the way, is a lifebuoy housing on a pole. It’s a quayside, remember! You can also see the huge, sliding, side door.

Here’s Ava’s starboard side:

Inside there are all mod cons like the sink and fridge …:

… shower room, wash-basin and toilet …

… Zig unit (which controls the electricity supply throughout the camper) and cupboard/storage space:

Being a 20-year-old lady, Ava needs some degree of refurbishment so it will be a while longer before we hit the road together.

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