Journey into Space

Thursday was by no means over. Returning to Armentières from Ypres I was able to rejoin the A25 and resume the journey north. The road atlas showed an intriguing possibility just south of Dunkirk – “Planetarium”. It was too good an opportunity to miss. Before setting course for it I thought it would be a good opportunity for a final fill of the tank before crossing the Channel and paying exorbitant prices. The A25 having become the N225, I came off at the D916 interchange and drove along the Rue du Faubourg-de-Cassell toward Bergues. Not far down the road was a Total service station where I filled up.

There followed a pleasant drive along the side of a canal into Cappelle-la-Grande where I easily found Le Palais de l’Univers et des Sciences (“Le PlUS”). What a contrast with a few days before. From Le Palais des Bonbons et du Nougat to Le Palais de l’Univers et des Sciences! That, as they say, is life.


The language of science is fairly universal (ouch!) so I was able to get the gist of the French commentary and it was a very pleasant hour. I listened very carefully for “Le Dieu” and “Jésus-Christ” but was disappointed on both counts. Neither was there a presentation on the “Big Bang”, which was a pity. I’m a firm believer in the Big Bang. It’s Scriptural. People ought to get ready for it (2 Peter 3:10).

The presentation ended just after 5pm, so there was nothing left to do but to drive the few miles into Dunkirk and find the B&B. It was right opposite the railway station and next to the bus station, on the Rue Bell Vue round the corner from the Place de la Gare. With 6 storeys it was one of the biggest I’ve stayed in, modernised, clean and very comfortable. As always at a B&B, the staff on duty were most helpful.

Then it was a meal at L’Estaminet Flamande, recommended by the concierge at the B&B and where I plumped for the local delicacy of Potjevleesh Spécialité Dunkerquoise. The evening was not without excitement as when it came to settling the bill, every one of my cards was rejected. I had to walk back to the ATM at the station for some cash, leaving my cellphone as security.

Then it was my last night of the trip on French soil, ready for the ferry after lunch on Friday.

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