Some statistics

Here’s a bit of number-crunching for you. The credit card statements are all in now so I know how much (in sterling) I spent on diesel during the trip:

Date Miles Litres Cost/£ mpg
17th Mar 478 41.35 43.54 52.55
19th Mar 529 47.17 57.82 50.98
23rd Mar 595 51.83 58.83 52.19
26th Mar 401 37.49 40.37 48.62
27th Mar 438 38.22 40.74 52.10
29th Mar 449 36.93 49.01 55.27

Overall, then, I drove 2890 miles from Blyth to Blyth and burned 252.99 litres of diesel at a total cost of £290.31. Thus the fuel economy for the entire trip was 51.93mpg. I’m happy with that!

It’s also worth pointing out that the average cost of a litre of diesel in France was £1.12. This was from a mixture of motorway services (dearest at £1.23), a wayside filling station and supermarkets (cheapest at £1.05). Compare that with the final ASDA fill-up at £1.33. As I said elsewhere – welcome to rip-off Britain where even the tax on fuel is taxed.

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