You don’t have to be a lumberjack

Here I am on the way to Portsmouth via Dunkirk, Boulogne-sur-Mer and points west to Cherbourg, and breaking my outward journey with my sister Carol and her husband Iain in Rugby.

This afternoon we hopped onto a ‘bus and used our passes to get into Rugby town centre to hit the shops and make the trip to a barber’s shop for Stuart to lose some of his glorious locks. Almost inevitably he forgot to take his camera and cellphone so was unable to take pictures of the highlights.

The first of these highlights was a meeting with a man who was minding his own business and holding on to two dogs. The problem was that these particular dogs were such strikingly handsome examples that people, including myself, were drawn to go over and give them a pat. They turned out to be Alaskan Malamutes, a breed I’ve admired and read a lot about but never met in the flesh.

After completing our shopping expedition is was time for a sit down and some refreshment. This turned out to be Highlight No. 2 as the place we chose was the Summersault restaurant and coffee house and a real find as you’ll discover if you read the Website.

Which is where the rather unusual title of this post comes in. Whilst waiting to be served and observing the unusually large portions of banoffee pie dished out to other diners we perused the other goodies available in the display cabinet on the counter. I have a completely unfounded reputation for liking all things chocolate, and here is an occasion that proves just how unfounded that reputation is. Eschewing the chocolate confections my eyes lighted upon something called Lumberjack Cake. In accordance with the name it was oozing that aura of a real man’s cake, so I just couldn’t resist. A Canadian recipe (like the legendary Nanaimo bars) and the main ingredients being apples, dates and coconut, it turned out to be as satisfying as it was appealing. And the good thing is that you can enjoy some of your very own by getting the recipe from the Summersault Website and making some yourself. I certainly intend to. AS – keep your fingers crossed!

Inside the Summersault

Inside the Summersault

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